No matter how great the distance, we can!

Conflict is inevitable in any human or business relationship! Due to globalization, cross-border ties are becoming more and more numerous whether we are talking about family, work or business ties, and hence the increasing number of cross-border conflicts.

Conflict resolution has long been the courts’ appanage, but for cross-border conflicts the court is quite inefficient. Under the conditions of a competitive global market, the time, expenses and adverse consequences of the traditional litigation activity represent too high risks that fewer companies and individuals are willing to take. Under the conditions of a conflict involving parties in different countries, these risks are even greater.

Litigation in another country within a different legal system and, possibly, in a foreign language, is unattractive, even before time and expense considerations, also because of the practical difficulties of enforcing a court decision abroad. Currently, there is no widely accepted international treaty for executing court decisions, thus reducing the value of the judgment to a successful litigator. The real possibility that a judgment cannot be enforced is, for many, an unacceptable risk. One way to mitigate this risk is to mediate, which means to use the way to settle conflicts amicably so that once you reach an agreement, it will be implemented by the will of the parties without the need for the action of any entity outside the cause.

Under the conditions of globalization and the elimination of distance-limitation through the developement of the Internet, both companies and individuals are looking for quick, efficient and results-based solutions that they can control. And that’s basically the definition of what we offer.

Let us be your support in seeking to resolve your dispute and together we will find it with perseverance, understanding and professionalism no matter how great the distance is… geographically or conceptually!