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Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

We are a Romanian mediation office that was set up in 2012, with the purpose to help solve and deal with local and cross-border disputes in a unique and client-oriented way. Our founder is the romanian legal adviser and mediator Dana Barbu.

We successfully resolve personal and business, legal and extrajudicial disputes through a combination of strong preparation, collaborative work and creative solutions.

Our objective is to work in the interests of our clients at all times. Our client-oriented unique system offers integrated service packages, customized resolution procedures and a flexible framework.

Our story

Our story begins from an undeniable truth: conflict is inevitable! In an increasingly divided world, conflict becomes a constant: both on a personal level (in relationships with family, friends, neighbors, the workplace, the children’s school, the clinic where we do our medical interventions, the store where we purchase the necessary ones), as well as at the bussines level (in relations with business partners, suppliers, customers or their own employees).

Things are in a continuous and accelerated change. These transformations have also implications in understanding the dymanics of a conflict and its consequences on our personal and professional lives or in the case of a business in the productivity of our employees or in the growth of our company. People are beginning to understand how inefficient a conflict is and how damaging it is at the emotional level, as well as at the financial, relational, personal growth or bussines level.

With so much information available, people understand the importance of resolving a conflict through peaceful, confidential, result-oriented means. When the parties of the conflict no longer manage to tear down the walls built by the refusal of direct communication, but when the desire to resolve exists in order to get out of the conflict with a satisfactory result, that’s when our work begins. Leave the court as the last solution: it involves too many losses (time, money, nervous consumption) even in the case of a win. In the event of a loss, the losses are immeasurable (unfavorable solution, time, money, nervous consumption).

Taking into account our clients’ needs, we have developed a system that keeps up with the times and legal requirements. Thus, within our office we have thought about integrated packages of services that can cover all the needs of our clients (we have collaborations with lawyers and notaries in order to be able to provide enforcement power to the Mediation Agreement), we offer support even after the mediation by post-mediation monitoring, we offer a flexibility both in terms of time and locations to answer any of our clients’ needs.

Mediere online sau face-to-face, la biroul nostru sau în oricare alt spațiu agreat, noi suntem aici pentru a asigura confortul potrivit nevoilor și personalității clienților noștri.