Get the outcome that you feel comfortable with!

Avoid court. Avoid legal fees. Avoid an enforced outcome

Do you have a conflict that you cannot overcome? At home, at work or in the community in which you live? You have to put an end to it, but you are no longer able to communicate with the one in conflict? The grief is high and the situation must cease? Do you hold on to your decision-making power? Are you committed to getting involved in finding a solution? If you answered yes to these questions, then mediation is the right solution for you!

In a mediation you are heard and what you want matters! In mediation you’re given a voice to share your concerns, thoughts and explanations, having then the posibility to make decisions about how to make things better, all under the atention and care of the mediator.

The mediator is the ‘go-between’ and professional helper who assists you and the one that you’re having a dispute with to think creatively and openly about how to move forward.

There is always time to fight out your disputes in a courtroom, but why not try talking it out first?

Statistics confirm the advantages of attempting to reach agreement by mediation. The mediation process is: confidential, quicker, more flexible, less expensive and provides a better result than the traditional judicial route.