“I believe in mediation because I trust people’s power to decide for themselves!”

“I love to mediate because it is an activity full of suspense: no matter how prepared you are, there will always be an area of ​​unpredictability given by the uniqueness of each human being.

I love to mediate because I’m intrigued by the search for connections where usually neither parties think I might be able to find.

I love to mediate because every success reinforces my belief that people are not made to fight wars, but to find peace ”



Mediator Dana Barbu is:

– Authorized as a mediator after graduating the training course in Pro – Mediation in Bucharest

– Graduate of the Master in Public Management, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest (2007)

– Bachelor of Laws, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest (2004)

– Graduate of the French-Romanian Law College of European Studies obtaining “Diploma of European Studies in Law” (2002), “Bachelor’s degree” (2003), “Master’s degree” (2004) granted by the University of Paris I – Pantheon – Sorbona


She has published articles of a legal nature (“When we say MEDIATON what do we really talk about?”, Www.juridice.ro) and the following books:

– “The parents’ handbook on the rights of the child in Romania”, ed. Integral, 2016

– “The parents’ legal guide”, ed. The Legal Universe, 2013

– “The rights of the mother”, Ed. Hamagiu, 2010


She has numerous TV and online appearances

– TVR 1 (“Pretuieste Viata” show – October – December 2013 as a permanent guest),

– Avocat TV,

– Speranța TV,

– Kanal D, (“Draga mea prietenă” Show)

– Realitatea TV (“Ultima oră” Show)

– ADPM interview (Click here)