Blessed are the peacemakers

„Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matthew 5:9) We strongly believe that in mediation we can create the framework in which the parties can decide to find a paceful way to resolve a conflict. If this is peace, it means that in mediation, under the coordination of a trained and involved mediator, the parties to a conflict can become peacemakers.

Our vision takes into account, therefore, the activity of mediation, our relationship with clients and the way we do mediation.



The potential of a connection

Our logo represents the mediation as we see it: two rhombuses with different essences (purple and orange) that share a small rhombus, meaning the potential of a connection. With patience, attention to detail and understanding of the essence, the connection can be found … because in every violet there is red as orange without red would not exist, isnt’t it?

Our clients are in the center

Our offer of mediation services starts from a very clear vision that has in the center the client both as an individual and as an entity. Therefore we consider that the potential of a connection should be sought differently by approaching different techniques and procedures according to the particularities of the client category: a person or  a company. Because we want to have the best and most appropriate answers for our clients, we have created two divisions: individual and business.


The relationship with our clients

We offer support

Regardless of whether they are individuals or companies, when they come to us, the parties of a conflict are positioned, in terms of perspective and understanding, far from each other, most often their positions being antagonistic. What we offer, through our mediation services, is support in finding connections of these different perspectives through:

– openness and understanding towards the client,

– very good coordination of the procedure,

– confronting the problem and exploring solutions.

We need commitment

To be able to provide support, our clients must have the desire to resolve their conflict and the openness to receive our help in the way we provide it.


Our way of mediate

Our way of mediate has some particular features, which we set out below, to know if we are suitable for you:

We do not enter a mediation in which we do not believe! What makes us believe that a mediation will reach an Agreement or not is the determination of the clients to engage in the search for solutions. We do not enter into a case unless we believe in the power of the parties to work to find the right solution to end the conflict.

We get involved! We do not just provide you with a meeting space where you can talk in peace and confidentiality. Always keeping us within the limits of the power of our clients to decide, we involve ourselves: we ask, we suggest, we think, we feel, we look for solutions, we try to understand each part in depth to reveal what they really want, we expose the situation from others perspectives.

We persevere! If we take up a case, we believe in its success, which makes us keep our confidencet even when the parties start losing it. We persevere, we maintain our confidence in spite of the difficulties that can arise in mediation and we fight for success, supporting the parties and constantly seeking new and new perspectives.

We support mediation with lawyers! Before entering into a mediation, we always explain to the parties the advantages of mediating with lawyers. The decision of whether or not to be accompanied by lawyers is, of course, taken by the parties, but we consider it important for the good progress of the mediation to explain the benefits of working with a lawyer during the mediation.